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 Seed Consultants (SCI) and NK Hybrid Seeds
We offer a wide variety of Seed Consultant Inc. (SCI) seeds. Our most popular seed varieties include Corn, Alfalfa and Soybeans.  SCI is a sister company to Pioneer Seed (Corteva). SCI offers value-based, regional varieties with proven performance on local soils.  SCI often tops both Penn State and Cornell's grain trials, as well as some top ratings in the PDMP corn silage trails!
The Agronomy Center Products & Services
We take pride in our wide selection of quality products and services. All of the products we offer are from trusted brands and can often be  picked up the same day or you can call to set up a delivery that meets your schedule. 

We provide a variety of products and services including:
                                                          Contact us to find optimal solutions for you and your farm!  

Text 717-873-5056                                            Call 717-535-5151                                     email:
King's Agriseeds, SCI Organic & Seedway Forages, Pasture Mixes & Small Grains
Through King's SCI, & Seedway we are able to offer a comprehensive line of forages including Certified Organic Forages, Cover Crops, Pasture Mixes and Small Grains. A valuable addition to our line up is a long list of ORGANIC seeds offered through SCI and King's Agriseed.
​Custom Pesticide Application & Over the Counter Pesticides
Whatever spraying situation you have we have the appropriate spray truck to meet your needs and the over 45 years of in the field advice. With 3 spray rigs we have the ability to spray your fields when the time is right!

We stock a variety of  commonly used pesticides and specialty items like sprays for fruit trees, vines and lawns. For best pricing on most chemicals - call early so we can secure your products at the best possible price.
As you know especially with beans when the weather is right it is time to harvest before the weather changes and leaves your crop in your field and not your bin. We have 6 row corn heads and 20 ft and  25 ft bean heads.

Call for harvesting rates - 717 535 5151
Not all lime is created equal. This is a classic example of "you get what you pay for!"

We carry Hi Cal & Hi Mag lime in bulk to meet your needs. By regularly liming soils to maintain proper pH levels, you ensure that your soil is most favorable for plant growth. By maintaining proper pH levels, you increase the effectiveness of high-cost fertilizers and herbicides which are less effective in excessively acidic soil.
We can spread your lime with our spreader truck or delivery it directly to your farm for you to spread.  717 535 5151
We carry pelletized lime in 50 lb bags for lawn and gardens.
Custom Harvesting & Grain Hauling from Your Bin to the Mill of Your Choosing!
Lime Application
Farm Fertilizer - Dry & Liquid -Lawn & Garden Fertilizers & Ph Buffers
We carry a variety of fertilizer types that are bagged in mostly 50 pound bags and in 1 ton bulk totes. We sell bulk fertilizer in our pull-behind spreaders (4.5 ton and 6-8 ton) and apply fertilizer with our spreader truck. We carry grass seed and affordable weed and feed fertilizers for your lawns.

If you want a specific fertilizer analysis we can blend it with our without micro nutrients like Zinc, Boron and Sulfur. There is no additional cost for custom blending.

We sell liquid fertilizers like 30% Nitrogen, 28-0-0-2, 11-37-0 and can custom mix liquid fertilizer to your specifications.
Soil Sample Testing 
If you don't test, it's just a guess! 

Most farmers cannot afford lower yields or quality caused by insufficient nutrients. Crops cannot obtain the needed nutrients, in the required amounts from infertile soil. Soil testing is a tool that can provide some of the critical, basic information to better manage crops, soils, and the environment.We participate with Spectrum Labs as well as Penn State. We strongly recommend S2 soil packages that include micro nutrients like zinc, boron and sulfur.
Custom Planting - No Till Grain Drill and 6 & 12 Row No Till Corn Planters Corn, Soybeans, & Various Grains
As you know when the weather is right it is time to plant. 
​We have 12 row & 6 row corn planters on 30" rows for planting corn in both large and small fields. You can also take advantage of our 25 ft. grain drill for great no-till planting of soybeans and a varieties of grains.  This service is available for farms larger than 25 acres.